Utilising Sheet Metal in Your Home

The industrial-style interior design is alive and well in Brisbane and abroad. Space dividers are simply one example of the ways produced metal is being utilized in contemporary houses for a great effect. The excellent feature of using fabricated metal in home design is that it works well inside and outdoors, so if you want to move far from the industrial style you can move pieces outside for the very same effect. Not only that, the variety of designs, styles, and ends up available means you are ensured to discover something that suits your existing design.

What room dividers do

As the name may recommend, space dividers separate large open plan spaces to develop smaller spaces without the need for a complete wall. Often they are utilized to area workplaces, separate living spaces, and create a permeable wall in homes where space is at a premium. Screens are an easy, innovative way to create distinguished areas without obstructing them off completely so the home still feels open and airy while being more functional.

Custom-made metal perforation in screens

Custom perforated metal is utilized around the world in room dividers, whether as smaller sized components of a screen or for whole screens made to match an existing space. There is an almost limitless quantity of ways to finish and prepare metal, from rugged designs to polished stainless-steel and powder layered colourful finishes. Metal in screens has a few benefits over other products like wood and material:


Metal is extremely resilient so it can be utilized as a screen in the living room or garden. Custom-made perforated metal can withstand Brisbane’s severe environment in a way wood and material simply can’t, which is why so many individuals are developing imaginative outside areas utilizing metal screens.

Custom-made design

Make your custom perforated metal screen a centrepiece of your home’s interior design with elements that stand out. Outside metal screens tend to look commercial and compliment the natural elements of the garden by oxidising in time, or by incorporating creeping vines to look natural. Indoor screens have a lot of flexibility; they can be modern and smooth with brilliant colours, commercial and heavy-gauge, or somewhere in between including industrial elements to a modern design. Your creativity is the limit due to the fact that at the Galvin Engineering metal workshop they have the style and fabrication abilities to bring practically any production to life.


Open strategy living ways something different in every house so there is no one size fits all for metal screens. Galvin Engineering creates screens from nearly any product, in a big variety of surfaces, developed along with the customer.

Developing a customized metal screen for your home or outside location is simple thanks to on-site design and fabrication groups. Trust Brisbane’s best custom metal fabrication team to bring your vision to life with an affordable bespoke screen.

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