Ed Steigerwald immigrated from Germany and started his business in 1885. Working from the basement of his home at 23rd & Galena St., his firm completed the masonry on the original Gimbels building in downtown Milwaukee. 

Ed Steigerwald with his brothers -late 1800’s (Ed is seated with legs crossed.)

Some of the prominent projects completed in the early 1900’s include St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Milwaukee, the original Harley Davidson buildings, and some early buildings for Marquette University.

During the roaring 20’s, the firm constructed many apartment buildings, factories, schools, hospitals and churches.

In 1923, with son’s Ed, Peter & John in the business, the name was changed to Ed Steigerwald & Sons.

Second Generation

Under the direction of brothers John, Edward & Peter Steigerwald, Ed Steigerwald & Sons completed such landmarks as St. Aemilian’s Orphanage, Master Lock Company and St. Francis Seminary. John graduated from Marquette University in 1912, among the first graduating class of civil engineers.

Other prominent projects of that era include: Misericordia Hospital, St. Alphonsus Church & School in Greendale, St. Charles Boys’ Home, St. Rita School, Our Lady of Good Hope Church & School, and St. John Convent & School in South Milwaukee.

In the late 20’s the firm relocated to 5310 W. State Street, where we are located today.

Shortly afterwards, the 3 brothers endured the trials of the Great Depression. They watched as the company they had struggled to build came to an idle. There were no new projects for a 10 year period.

But, they did survive it and were one of the few to do so. It was not until after WWII that building started to boom again.

Third Generation

In 1960, under the direction of John E. Steigerwald (son of John M.) and Edward W. Steigerwald (son of Edward), the third generation took over and changed the name to Steigerwald Construction Inc.

Some of the customers that span several generations include Schlitz Brewery, Carmelite Sisters, Dominican Sisters, Pelton Casteel,

Graf’s Beverages and Marquette University.

Fourth Generation

In 1990 the firm was purchased by Mark & Joseph Steigerwald, both sons of John E. Steigerwald. Because we prefer not to think of our generation as “history” just yet, our projects are displayed on the Featured Projects pages.