Construction management has the purpose of meeting a client’s expectations and requirements when it comes to a construction project. It involves planning, coordinating and controlling a project since its beginning till the end. A construction manager is in charge of supervising the project and making sure it goes according to planned. One of the most important, yet challenging, tasks of a construction manager is the budgeting. They have to prepare cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables.

Before the project starts, the client and the construction manager need to establish a budget. After that, the manager needs to plan everything accordingly. That can be a difficult task because you need to take into account every material you need for the project, as well as the pay of the subcontractors. And no matter how much thought is given into it, there’s always something that was omitted and for that reason most projects tend to go over the budget. Despite of that, construction managers need to try their best to stay within the budget or to not go over it by a high amount.

Another major responsibility of the construction manager is the scheduling. They need to set dates of completion to each process within an overall project. After doing this, they need to let the client know how long the project’s going to take to be completed. While that doesn’t sound too complicated, it generates a lot of pressure to the construction manager because he is the one responsible of making sure that what was established is met and sometimes it may be difficult to achieve.

Regardless of how much planning was involved, something unexpected always happens. That’s why you should plan to spend a little more than the original budget. In addition, projects generally take longer than what was established and that may be due to reasons beyond anyone’s control, for example bad weather. However, if you have a good, experienced construction manager the amount over the budget and the time the project’s behind will be limited.