A few years ago, a good friend of mine came to me saying that the construction crew he had hired informally to build his new residential office had gone over budget by almost 60%. I was taken aback! I grilled him with questions as to why he had not hired oversight for his project. He then told me how he had been told about construction project management by a friend in common. I said that’s it! He’s right, even if the construction project management person is not the one directly involved in the process of building, he or she has to sign off on materials, suppliers, workforce, billed hours and other logs.

My friend had a full time job and a family so there was no way he could devote much time to the project. He ended up paying the full amount, of course he did, he had no choice. If you are planning to do remodeling or a construction project, you need to know that unlike my friend, you do have a choice. You can browse around on the internet and find construction project management firms in your area. Many construction firms have oversight experts because they know full well how sometimes independent contractors or ‘’handymen’’ (the men of the house who suddenly are also civil engineers and architects) can sometimes go way overboard with expenses since they are not experienced and don’t have contacts with suppliers that sometimes provide discounts and many other benefits because they are ‘’regulars’’.

Think about it, whenever you have someone work on your project without a supervisor, they are not going to carefully apply that finishing touch on your door frame, they won’t find the best quality of material at the lowest price because maybe they don’t know who can provide that, they cannot provide an accurate estimate of the project’s budget since their inexperience translates into unexpected variables that almost always translates into higher prices. A construction project manager earns either a percentage of the total amount or a fixed salary. This is also another advantage. You can negotiate with them so they will negotiate for you. It all comes down to savings.