Whether you are remodeling or completing residential or commercial construction, you must verify that your project complies with local building codes. While they may seem like a hassle, construction codes were created to ensure the well-being of all people, and you could find yourself paying hefty fines if you accidentally violate a code. If you have a contractor, he will take care of code compliance for you, but for those tackling home improvement projects alone, becoming well-informed is necessary.

Before beginning a construction project, go to your local government and get a work permit, and make sure that it doesn’t expire before the building codes in floridawork finishes, especially if you experience unexpected delays. Completing construction without a permit may be the most basic mistake you can make, but there are countless other common code violations. For example, when installing a bathroom, you must have proper ventilation or you could get stuck with a mold problem. Poorly-placed smoke alarms or lack of adequately-sized windows in a bedroom will result in a fire code violation.

In commercial renovation, be careful with sign placement. Obviously, you’ll want to advertise your business in a way that stands out and attracts customers. But if your signs block pedestrian walkways or cover traffic symbols, you are interfering with the safety of your fellow citizens and will receive a citation. For businesses that operate after sundown, sufficient lighting is required to be sure that your customers get in and out of the building without problems.

Being such a big and populous city, Lexington needs to have strict laws in order to protect its residents. As such, there are countless codes and regulations that can be broken while undergoing home or commercial construction in Lexington . To build your home or business safely and legally, your best bet is to hire a contractor.