The impact of technology is undeniable. 10 years ago, an iPhone would have seemed like alien technology. 20 years ago, email was a foreign concept to most of us.

However, technological changes have impacted more than just consumer products—and the field of construction management is no exception.

In particular, the convenience and the power of construction photo documentation has revolutionized the construction process for executives, facility managers, and contractors alike.

How will construction documentation impact your next project?

1) Construction photo documentation will decrease costs. Our documentation services will help you avoid costly change orders, and will reduce the costs of maintenance and renovations in the future.

2) Construction photo documentation will make you more efficient.Instead of having to drive across town (or fly across the country in many cases!), you’ll be able to monitor progress from your office—or anywhere you can access the internet! You can even access our exclusive client portal through your iPad!

3) Construction photo documentation will help you run a lean project. By reducing waste and overhead, documentation services will help you stay efficient and under budget!

4) Construction photo documentation will give you xray vision. In the old days, once the cement was poured, there was no way to know what was underneath. With Build In Focus, you have a highly detailed photographic record at your finger tips! No more guesswork needed!

5) Construction photo documentation will keep you on schedule. Because you will have instant access to the latest images from your project, you’ll be able to keep your team on track. There will be no more wasted time while your crew waits for you to inspect their progress—and if decisions must be made, you can do so from your office or even from your home.