Whether you are a facilities manager, a corporate executive, or a general contractor, I’m certain that you have at least two things in common when it comes to construction management: you like to save time, and you like to save money. Construction photo documentation services from Build In Focus will do both.

Build In Focus was founded to solve a simple problem: executives, managers, and contractors were unable to see their construction sites as easily and as regularly as they would have liked. In many cases, these individuals were forced to fly across the country just to spend an hour inspecting a building site’s progress. We find that process to be incredibly inefficient—a waste of both time and money. So we created an alternative.

Build In Focus allows executives, facility managers, and contractors to monitor the process of their project accurately and easily. Our photographers visit each project on a regularly scheduled basis and take thousands of high resolution pictures. We then upload these photos to our client portal, where they are linked to the construction blueprint in order to make identifying the location and perspective of each photo easy. Each time that we visit a site, we upload another set of photos—meaning that, after several visits, our clients can view the chronological progress of their project from thousands of angles.

Our construction photo documentation services will save you time by eliminating the need to physically travel to your construction site. You can access your photos 24/7—all you need is an internet connection. You can even access our client portal from your iPad! We will save you time by linking each photo to the corresponding location on the blueprint… so you don’t spend hours flipping through piles of photos. And we will save you time by avoiding potential delays that occur when a mistake goes undetected. With our high-res photography, it is easy to get the details right!

In addition to the time we save you, our construction documentation services will save a substantial amount of money. By ensuring that the details are right, you can avoid costly delays and disputes. Our client web portal allows you to access your photos whenever you need them—no more cross-country flights or drives across town. And in the event of a lawsuit or a dispute, having clear and detailed third-party documentation of the construction process can make all of the difference.